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NIT No.05/Coal Block/TVNL/RAN/16-17

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Tenughat Vidyut Nigam Limited is a power generating company incorporated on 26.11.1987 under Indian Company’s Act, 1956. TVNL, a Govt. of Jharkhand Undertaking is having its corporate office at Ranchi. The project site known as Tenughat Thermal Power Station (TTPS) is located at village Lalpania in DistBokaro. The project is situated on the bank of Tenughat reservoir.

The total installed capacity of Tenughat Thermal Power Station is 420MW having two units of 210 MW capacity each. The first unit of 210MW was put under commercial operation in September 1996 and second unit of 210MW in September 1997.

TTPS has an acquired land of approx. 1800 acre. TVNL has planned its future expansion at existing site by addition of 2x660 MW units.

 The Ministry of Coal has allotted the Rajbar E & D coal block to Tenughat Vidyut Nigam Limited (TVNL) for meeting the fuel requirements of its expansion project of 2x 660 MW.

TVNL intends to appoint a competent consultant having experience in the coal sector in India for preparation of EIA (Environmental Impact Assessment)/ EMP (Environmental Management Plan, Social Impact Assessment (Including R&R) & CSR Plan for Rajbar E&D coal block.   Hence, TVNL invite bids from the bidders for appointment of consultant for preparation of above reports..


Description of Work Invitation of Offers for Consultancy Services for Preparation of EIA/EMP, Social Impact Assessment (Including R & R) & CSR Plan for Rajbar E & D Coal Block Allotted to TVNL
Downloading of Tender Paper From 09.05.2016
Last Date & Time for receipt of Tender Paper 18.05.2016 up to 18:00 Hrs.
Date & Time of Opening of Part-I of Tender 19.05.2016 at 14:00 Hrs.
Place of submission of bid documents and address for communication Electrical Superintending Engineer (C&M I), Tenughat Vidyut Nigam Limited, Hinoo, Ranchi-834002




Electrical Superintending Engineer (P&S)

 Ph. No.- 06516900250

Mob.-  09031051185,  09835346525

Email ID :- ranjantvnl@gmail.com

Electrical Executive Engineer

Ph. No.- 06516900255

Mob.-  09031078817,  09934106294

Email ID :- nurul.hoda1@gmail.com



The role of the selected bidder is to Provide Consultancy Services for preparation of EIA (Environmental Impact Assessment)/ EMP (Environmental Management Plan, Social Impact Assessment (Including R&R) & CSR Plan for Rajbar E&D coal block.


The Detailed scope of work of the selected bidder shall be as mentioned below:



The Detailed scope of work, but not limited to, of the selected bidder shall be as mentioned below:

Filling in of online application through Ministry of Environment, Forests and Climate Change (MoEFCC’s) portal (including Pre feasibility report) and providing Technical Assistance to TVNL for obtaining approved Terms of Reference (ToR) (as per MoEFCC notification dated 14.09.2006) from Ministry of Environment, Forests and Climate Change, Govt. of India (MoEFCC).


Preparation of EIA/EMP report shall  involve as follows :-


a)  Preparation of Draft and Interim Final EIA/EMP report base on approved


b) Rendering Technical Assistance to TVNL during the Public Hearing Process.

c) Incorporating suggestions of Public Hearing in the Interim Final EIA Report and Preparation of Final EIA/EMP report.

d) Submission of final EIA/EMP report to MoEFCC through TVNL and assisting TVNL during Technical Presentations of the report to the Expert Committee of MoEFCC.

The work will be taken out in accordance with the latest guidelines of Central Pollution Control Board / Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change (MoEFCC), Govt. of India. The monitoring scope as detail below is based on prevalent practice. In case MoEFCC, while approving To R indicates any change of scope involving additional monitoring work or any additional study. Agency shall carryout the same at mutually agreed fees.

Agency will prepare Pre-feasibility Report (in accordance with MoEFCC’s Guideline No-J-11013/41/2006-IA, II (I) dated 30th December, 2010) for the proposed project based on necessary input data provided by TVNL. Consultant will render necessary technical assistance to TVNL in getting Terms of Reference (ToR) of EIA Study approved by MoEFCC.


The EIA Report preparation shall involve.


Assessment of Existing Environmental Status.


Study and assessment of the existing environment status within 10 km radius area with the project site (mine lease) at centre will be carried out with respect to air, water, noise, soil, flora-fauna, hydrogeology and land use. This assessment shall be carried out as follows.


Pollution of Air, Water, Noise & Soil.

Assessment of present level of pollution (Air, Water, Noise & Soil) in and around the mine site (Core Zone & Buffer Zone), under the existing conditions. The location of sampling stations will be decided in consultation with TVNL officials.


a) AIR

 Monitoring of ambient air quality (AAQ) around the existing mine at a maximum of 8 (eight) station spread over 10 km radius with the mining lease at the centre.


The pollutants monitored shall be respirable Particulate Matter (PM10), Oxides of Nitrogen (NOx), Sulphur Dioxide (SO2) and Carbon Monoxide (CO).


Monitoring of ambient air shall be carried out for one full season, comprising of 3 (three) consecutive months (except monsoon). Monitoring shall be done twice a week at all stations. Samples of 24 hourly duration shall be taken on each monitoring day for monitoring of PM10, SO2 and NOX whereas for CO monitoring, three one hourly samples shall be taken on each monitoring day.


Work zone air quality shall be monitored at maximum four locations. Eight hourly samples will collected once at each location. The pollutants monitored shall be respirable particulate matter (PM10), Oxides of Nitrogen (NOX), Sulphur dioxide (SO2) and Carbon Monoxide (CO).


Meteorological (wind velocity, wind direction, temperature, humidity and rainfall) will be generated continuously at one station throughout the monitoring period.



Monitor the quality of surface water, ground water, drinking water and effluents in and around the mine.


The hydro-geological study will be based on historical data of stream discharge leading to the determination of water budget for surface/ground water regime. Aquifers will be identified with respect to strait graphical sequence. The recharge-discharge of the area and the net flow of the area will be presented.

The report should be based on latest available one-year pre-monsoon and post-monsoon baseline data covering information on ground water situation, aquifer characteristics and water level conditions. The predicted impact of the project on groundwater regime and detailed remedial/conservation measures such as rain water harvesting, artificial recharge of ground water etc. will also be covered.


A maximum of 10 (Ten) monitoring / sampling points shall be sampled in consultation with TVNL which will form the basis for generation of baseline data in respect of water. The water samples will be analyzed for all relevant parameters for surface water, IS: 10500 and effluents as applicable.



 Ambient noise measurement at maximum of 10 (ten) locations will be carried out once in each season, comprising of 3 (three) consecutive months. Led Noise will be measured at hourly intervals for 24 hours on monitoring days.


Work zone noise shall be monitored at 4 locations once. Led Noise will be measured at hourly intervals for 8 hours on monitoring days.



 Top soil samples will be taken once from maximum total 6 (six) different locations. Relevant characterization studies for soil, determination of soil structure, texture, moisture and nutrient levels etc shall be determined / analyzed.


Flora & Fauna, Hydrogeology and Land use Factors and other studies.


 Following studies shall be carried out in respect of the proposed project.


i)  Assessment of existing environmental status of Flora-Fauna, hydrogeology and land use within 10 km radius of study area in respect of the project. Land use study shall be carried out based on satellite image processing Flora-Fauna study will be based on the data available with the State Forest Department Published Literature and augmented by limited field survey consultant shall carry out land use study for incorporation in the report.


ii) Hydro geological impacts due to the mining, consultant shall carry out ground water survey based on available existing wells and collect hydro-geological information from the existing mine and secondary and assess anticipated impact on ground water regime due to mining as applicable.


iii)  Prepare water balance of the project and at the sub water shed confining the mining projects for the purpose of drawing water balance precipitation, evaporation, transpiration, seepage etc. shall be considered as available from secondary literature sources.


iv)  Studies pertaining to disposal of mine discharge water, its analysis and treatment requirement.


v)  Study of 5 years surface plans showing the phase-wise working under the proposed phase to be made available by TVNL, based on which consultant shall prepare environmental reclamation plans till the end of mining.


vi)  Study of risk hazards due to mine.


vii)  Study of pollution control equipments / systems envisaged for the proposed project.


 Interpretation of Data / Results.


Following shall be carried out for the proposed project.


a) Carry out environmental impact assessment for project based on item A above.


b) Find out impact of air emissions on the ambient air. The impact on ground level concentration will be predicted by using computerized dispersion model.


c) Comparison of total value of pollutants with prescribed limit will be carried out and suggestions brought out to control the same to meet the prescribed limits.


d)  Study of impacts on flora, fauna and places of interest.

e) Environment Management Plans shall be prepared based on project details and assessed environmental impacts. Further recommendations for post project monitoring, setting up of environmental engineering laboratory and organization for pollution control and also costs indicative for environmental control will be included.


f) Quality of EIA Reports should be based on the accuracy of site description, quality of baseline data, analysis and interpretation of the data, identification of potential impacts and quality of mitigation measures.

Technical Assistance.


Consultant shall render technical assistance to TVNL for getting the ToR (Form-1) approved by Ministry of Environment Forest and Climate Change (MoEFCC), Govt. of India and getting the EIA reports cleared by MoEFCC. These services shall extend for a period of one year from the date of submission of final EIA report.


Social Impact Assessment (SIA)


a) To carryout complete survey/study in the area proposed for Rajbar E&D Coal Mine Project of Tenughat Vidyut Nigam Limited (TVNL) and conduct door to door survey/interview of the Households (HHs) to be shifted from the proposed project site and prepare the Social Impact Assessment (SIA) Reports, so as to form the basis for drawing out a comprehensive Rehabilitation and Resettlement Action Plan (or) Scheme as per National Rehabilitation and Resettlement Policy, 2007 (NRRP, 2007) and as per subsequent amendments thereof, if any.

b) To carryout complete study on the site proposed for the Coal Block covering about 1553 Ha. (Hectare) in Latehar District of Jharkhand. The area is having a population of about 3936. Considering an average family size of 5 no of HHs comes to be about 787.

c) To carry out complete survey/study for identification of the forest dwellers/forest dwelling schedule tribes/ other traditional forest dwellers as per the “Scheduled Tribes and Other Traditional Forest Dweller (Recognition of Forest Rights) Act, 2006” and as per subsequent amendments thereof, if any.

d) To furnish an abstract in the SIA report with feasible actions and recommendations for the ameliorative measures for the projects covering all such patterns/ profiles and discussions.

e) To prepare for verification and acceptance, the Social Impact Assessment reports in the manner prescribed by the Government of India under NRRP, 2007 and as per subsequent Act / amendments from and out of the information collected during the above field study/survey.

f) The SIA study and report shall be comprehensive and shall deal with the effect/social impact of Rajbar E&D Coal Block Project.


Rehabilitation & Resettlement Plan and CSR Plan


The Consultant shall undertake the formulation of Rehabilitation and Resettlement scheme or plan in accordance with prevailing National Rehabilitation and Resettlement Policy, 2007 & Jharkhand Rehabilitation and Resettlement Policy, 2008 and subsequent amendments, if any, and shall contain the following particulars collected against each subdivision of land as accounted in the revenue village accounts of each village in the project area viz.

a. The extent of land to be acquired for the project and the name (s) of the affected village (s).

b. A village wise list of the Project Affected Persons (PAP). The study/survey shall include the details of the extent and nature of land & immovable property owned or held in one’s possession in the affected area of the Project Affected Families (PAF’s). And the extent of land they are likely to lose, indicating the survey numbers and the subdivisions thereof.

c. A list of agricultural laborers in such area and the names of such persons whose livelihood depends on agricultural activities.

d. A list of persons who are likely to lose their employment of livelihood or who are likely to be alienated wholly or substantially from their main sources of trade, business, occupation or vocation, consequent to the acquisition of land for the project or involuntary displacement due to any other cause.

e. A list of non-agricultural laborers, including artisans.

f. A list of to be affected landless families, including those without homestead land and below poverty line families.

g. A list of vulnerable persons to be affected.

h. A list of occupiers if any.

i.  A list of public utilities and Government buildings which are to be affected or likely to be affected

j.  Details of public and community properties, assets and infrastructure.

k. A list of benefits and packages which are to be provided to the affected families.

l. Details of the extent of land available in the resettlement area for resettling and for allotment of land to the project affected families.

m. Details of the amenities and infrastructural facilities which are to be provided for resettlement.

n.The time schedule for shifting and resettling the displaced persons in the resettlement area or areas, and

o. Such other particulars as the Administrator for Rehabilitation and Resettlement or other competent authority as per statutory requirements may consider necessary.

To propose and evaluate self employment and income generation schemes for the Project Affected Persons (PAP) and evaluate training requirement for these schemes.

To include / incorporate any other details / studies required for the preparation of SIA report, as directed by TVNL.

To make suggestions regarding specific studies / surveys to be conducted, for compliance with any provisions regarding SIA clearance or for improving the presentation of the SIA study, first by giving justifications for such studies / surveys. The decision of TVNL is final in regard to the requirement of such studies.

To obtain from the Ministry of Rural Development, GOI The full details of the studies to be carried out such as but not limited to :-

a.  The standard to which studies shall conform as per provision of the NRRP 2007 and subsequent amendments / act thereof if any.

b. The details of the relevant information required for the social impact assessment.

c. Methodology and computer models for the social impact assessment and future projection.

d. The different inputs to be submitted for appraisal and SIA clearance of the project.

To follow the latest guidelines on SIA studies issued by Ministry of Rural Development, GOI (MORD) from time to time for preparation of SIA study and report.

To assist TVNL in presenting all the statutory requirements of appraising agencies and authorities. Public hearing committee at Latehar District, Jharkhand, if any constituted by the State Government, Ministry of Rural Development, in prescribed formats / Questionnaires and present the SIA reports to these agencies and defend the findings of the report and furnish the required clarifications.

The services charge continue after the acceptance the SIA report by TVNL and submission of the same to the Statutory Authority, In the following stages of clearance of the project:-

a. Changing formats / adding fresh information as may be needed / directed.

b. Attending to the remarks / queries raised by Authorities / public including the consideration of projects for clearance.

c. Furnishing base records of survey for verification / records.

To prepare a comprehensive rehabilitation plan for the people affected by the proposed coal mining project clearly indicating the total area of land to be acquired, break-up of details of the land to be acquired, number of families / persons to be affected (PAP & PAF), number of SC / ST families to be affected, rehabilitation plan indicating to the proposed rehabilitation area, rehabilitation package, cost of rehabilitation etc. These shall be discussed separately in detail.

To suggests appropriate schemes for the rehabilitation of the displaced persons likely to be affected by land acquisition. Also bring out a rehabilitation plan in consultation with TVNL and acceptable to the State Government and MOEFCC, GOI and as per national rehabilitation and Resettlement Policy, 2007 and subsequent amendments / acts thereof if any approved by GOI may be taken as the base.


Prepare CSR Plan and Cost Estimate.

a. To prepare / prescribe CSR Plan constituting the target group, giving importance to the geographical area, society and cultural practices for the desired sectors / issues for fulfillment of long-term benefits to the beneficiaries.

b. The Plan should include but not be limited to Promotion of Education; Gender equity & Women empowerment; Eradication of extreme hunger & poverty; Reducing child mortality & improving maternal health; Combating diseases; Environment Sustainability; Social business projects; Employment enhancing vocational skills; and any such other matters as may be prescribed.




Filling of online application for TOR through MoEFCC’s portal (including Pre feasibility report) within 20 days after award of work.
Carrying out base line data generation covering full season of 3 months (non-monsoon) after approval of TOR.

Submission Draft and interim Final EIA/EMP report will be submitted within 2 month after base line data generation.

Submission of Final EIA/EMP report within 1 month after completion of public hearing.

Submission of Five (5) hard copies each of draft SIA (including R & R) report, CSR Plan, Draft Executive Summary in English and Hindi and one hard copy of draft Power Point Presentation for Public Consultation within 6 months after approval of TOR.

Submission of five (5) hard copies each of draft final SIA (including R & R) report, Executive Summary in English Consultation within 1 month after receipt of comment from TVNL. 

Submission of Five (5) hard copies each of final SIA/ (including R & R) report, Executive Summary in English and Hindi and one hard copy of final Power Point within 1 month after incorporating outcome of public consultation.

The Time Schedule mentioned above assumes that all desired information / data etc. shall be made available by TVNL and obligations of TVNL are duly fulfilled.  




The bidder has to quote Lump Sum fee for coal block for the scope of work mentioned above to be submitted in the price bid (as per pro-forma annexed).

The service tax as applicable on the fee would be paid over and above the quoted fee.


The fees for any other work beyond the above mentioned scope of work shall be mutually agreed upon on case to case basis.


The duration of assignment is estimated to be Six (6) Months.




The milestones of payment for the selected Consultant for the scope of work mentioned shall be as follows:



Percentage of total



After filing online application for TOR through MoEFCC’s (including Pre-Feasibility Report).

05 %


Grant of TOR by MoEFCC, GOI.

05 %


On submission of draft and interim final EIA/EMP report.

10 %


On submission of final EIA/ EMP report.

05 %


On submission of draft SIA (including R&R) report & CSR Plan. Draft Executive summary in English and Hindi and one hard copy of draft power point.

10 %


On submission of 5(five) hard copies each of draft final SIA (Including R&R) & CSR Plan report. Executive summary in English and Hindi and one hard copy of power point.

7.5 %


On submission of final SIA (Including R&R) & CSR Plan report Executive summary in English and Hindi and one hard copy of final power point.

7.5 %


Submission of Application for EIA/EMP to JSPCB.

05 %


On completion of Public Hearing.

10 %


On completion of all reports including Technical Assistance.

35 %


1.    The Bidder should have the following Qualifying Requirements (QR):


1. Subject to fulfillment of the other terms and conditions of tender document, the bidder shall meet the Qualifying Requirements and comply with the terms stipulated hereunder:


a)    The Bidder should be a Consulting Company and should be registered under the Companies Act 1956.


b)   The Bidder should have successfully completed end-to-end Consultancy services for preparation of EIA / EMP and Social Impact Assessment (Including R&R) & CSR Plan for at least one (1) coal / lignite block allotted to a Government company/reputed private company.


c)    Should have full time in house team of Mineral Economists, Geologists and Mining Engineers, having strong domain knowledge or the bidder can hire the services of team of expert man power to fulfill the above requirement.


d)   The average annual turnover during the last 3 financial years ending on 31st March of
the preceding financial year shall be at least Rs.10 lakhs (Rupees ten lakhs only), i.e.         F.Y. 2012-13, 2013-14, 2014-15).


e)    The Bidder should fulfill the above qualifications on its own and not in consortium with any other firm/ Company (Consortium of companies not allowed).


f)     The Bidder should provide Bank Solvency Certificate for a minimum value of Rs.2,50,000/- (Rupees Two Lakh fifty thousand only) from an Nationalized / Scheduled Bank issued within three months from the date of submission of Tender.


g)    Experience of having successfully completed similar works during last 7(seven) years ending last day of month previous to the one in which tenders are invited should be either of the following:

i. One similar work costing not less than amount equal to Rs 20.00 (Twenty) lakhs.

ii. Two similar works costing not less than amount equal to Rs 12.50 (Twelve lakh fifty thousand) lakhs each.


iii.  Three similar works costing not less than amount equal to Rs 10.00 (Ten) lakhs each.


2.    Definition of Similar Work shall mean:

Preparation of EIA (Environmental Impact Assessment)/ EMP (Environmental Management Plan) and Social Impact Assessment (Including R&R) and CSR Plan for coal / lignite block.


a)   The above information should be supported by relevant documentary evidence such as Annual Reports, and IT Returns for the last 3 Financial Years and the Certificates(Work order, contract agreement, completion certificate etc.) issued by the Government organization (client) shall form the basis for considering experience of work executed


b)   The offers of the Bidder not meeting the pre-qualifying requirements and not producing supportive documents shall be summarily rejected and no correspondence whatsoever shall be entertained.


c)    TVNL reserves its right to verify the documents/information submitted or inspect the site / installation referred in Price Quotation documents. The Bidder shall provide necessary facilities for this purpose.


d)   The Bidder shall furnish a detailed statement of similar works done during the last seven years with respect to the Experience Criteria indicated above.


e)    Consortium with any other firm / Company shall not be allowed to participate in the Tender




On behalf of Tenughat Vidyut Nigam Limited (TVNL), Ranchi sealed tenders in three parts containing three envelopes A, B & C (Requisite cost of Tender Document & Earnest Money of specific value in envelope ‘A’, Technical & Commercial Bid in envelope ‘B’ and Price Bid in envelope ‘C’) are invited separately.



A)   Copy of Work Orders/Work Completion Certificates from the clients evidencing experience of having completed eligible assignments as per the bid document.

B)   Copy of Work Orders from the clients evidencing on-going eligible assignment as per the bid document.

C)   CV’s of Mineral Economists, Geologists and Mining Engineers with experience in the eligible assignments.

D)  Copy of Registration Certificate and a valid PAN card.

E)   Copy of Service Tax certificate.



The tender shall be submitted in three parts, i.e. Part A, Part B & Part C as follows :


Part A Earnest Money & cost of tender – The Tenderer shall be required to submit earnest money of Rs.50,000/- (Rupees Fifty thousand only) in the form of DD in favour of “TENUGHAT VIDYUT NIGAM LIMITED”, payable at Ranchi or in form of Bank Guarantee.

The DD of Rs 5,000/- (Rupees Five thousand only) in favour of “TENUGHAT VIDYUT NIGAM LIMITED”, Ranchi towards cost of tender documents shall require to be submitted in the envelope containing the EMD.


Part B Technical Bid - The Technical bid shall be submitted in a separate sealed envelope, which would be super subscribed with the words “Technical bid – Consultant services  for  preparation of EIA / EMP & SIA (Including R&R), CSR Plan”

Part C Financial Bid - Part C (Financial bid) shall contain the Schedule of Fee for the assignment attached with this Tender. The fee should be quoted both in figures and in words (English) and exclusive of service tax.

The price part shall be duly signed and stamped on each page. Any Extra work out of the Scope shall be remunerated on negotiation basis.

Financial bid shall be submitted in a separate sealed envelope, which would be super subscribed with the wordsFinancial bid – Consultant services  for  preparation of EIA / EMP & SIA (Including R&R) & CSR Plan.

All three separate sealed envelopes (A,B & C)  Part A- Cost of Tender Documents & EMD, Part-B (Technical & Commercial Bid) and Part-C (Financial Bid) shall be put in one common envelope, sealed and super-subscribed with the words – offer for appointment of consultant. (Part-A , Part-B & Part-C) and submitted within the due date & time specified.


For evaluation of Bids the TVNL shall appoint Evaluation Committee comprising officers of the rank of FC / ESEs or their authorized representative.

After scrutiny the bid shall be rejected if,


a.    It is not received within the stipulated time and date as indicated above.

b.   It is not accompanied with the requisite processing fee, earnest money deposit, requisite documents and schedules.

c.    Proposal is not a firm proposal.

d.   Proposal is not valid for requisite time period.

e.    A material misrepresentation is made or discovered.

f.     The Bidder does not respond to the Committee asking for supplementary information required for the evaluation of proposal within the given time period.

g.    In the event of no response from the Bidder on the clarification / negotiation for finalization of the contract the company reserves the right to reject the bid and forfeit the earnest money deposit furnished by such Bidders.



 After scrutiny and evaluation of technical bids, the qualified bidders shall be short listed. The financial proposal (bids) of only short listed bidders shall be opened, in the presence of concerned bidders or their duly authorized representatives, who wish to be present.



 After completing negotiations and awarding the assignment, TVNL shall issue a Letter of Intent to the selected bidder as Consultant services.

The Consultant will be issued the Letter of Award within 5 working days after completion of all the formalities/pre-conditions and sign a contract within 25 days of issuance of the Letter of Award.




a)   The bidder has to commit the following professionals immediately on award of the work without any dilution in the quality of the team, given the cross-functional and complex nature of the assignment; the team should be in-house expert team or expert team hired by the bidder having worked on the Eligible assignments as per the qualifying requirements.




Minimum No of Professionals




Mining Experts:





Mining Engineer




1 (One)

B. Tech/B. Sc. (Mining Engineering) from any reputed institute.

Should have minimum 5 years experience in the Coal sector, and preferably have been part of the team in advising the eligible assignments in the Coal sector.




M. Sc (Geology) from recognized university

Should have minimum 5 years experience in the Coal sector, and preferably have been part of the team in advising the eligible assignments in the Coal sector.


Mineral Economist


 Master in Economics

Should have minimum 5 years experience in the reputed Mineral Organizations.


Financial Experts


Chartered Accountant/ Cost accountant/MBA finance


ICAI / ICWAI/ MBA in Finance from reputed Institute.

Should have Minimum 5 years experience should have been part of the team in advising the eligible assignments in the Coal sector.


Legal Experts


Company Secretary with LLB


ICSI from reputed Institute.

Experience in advising for the eligible assignments in reputed organizations.


b)   Any other expertise man power may be engaged, if required, to complete the assignments.

c)   The detailed CVs duly signed (original) along with the details of the eligible assignments should be highlighted to demonstrate the ability to successfully advice on the current project.

d)   Consortium of companies shall not be allowed to participate in this Tender process.

e)    The financial proposal by the bidders shall be in Indian Rupees.

f)     The consultant should have full time / hired team members and technical experts.

g)    The Consultant shall make available the services of the identified personnel as may be required for successful execution of the assignment and or as may be required by TVNL on specified dates, venues and time in order to meet the obligations of TVNL. In case of replacement of key personnel, the same shall be done with prior permission of the Project Authority

h)   All claims shall be raised by the bidder as per the terms of payment after being due, and would be accepted for payment based on satisfactory progress.

i)     Given the nature of the work being entrusted, the firm would have to give an undertaking to the effect that the contents/ essence of any reference/ documents given would not be disclosed to any third person without the express approval of TVNL, failing which the engagement of the firm could be terminated. 

j)     No offer should be sent by Fax or E-mail.

k)   Out pocket travelling expenses shall be borne by the bidder.

l)     Offers received in the designated office after the due time and date mentioned above shall not be considered.

m)  The bidder company should not have been blacklisted by any Ministry/Government undertaking in India in the last 5 years especially in the power generation/Mining sector.

n)   The bidder company or any of its associate/affiliate/subsidiary should not have any conflict interest in terms of developing coal mining/power generation projects in India.



 The selected Consultant shall carry out the services in conformity with general professionally and technically accepted norms relevant to such assignments and which are to the entire satisfaction of TVNL.

 In the event of any deficiency in services, the Consultant shall promptly redo the same at no additional fees.

 Within twenty five days of issue of the work of Award, the selected Consultant shall furnish a security deposit amounting to 10 percent (10%) of the Contract Price for the entire assignment period by way of Demand Draft or Bank Guarantee of any nationalized/ scheduled bank.

No interest will be paid by the Nigam on the security deposit.



The Security Money would be released only after the expiry of one month from the date of expiry of complete assignment or completion of the same, whichever is later.


The bidding company will be required to submit Earnest Money Deposit (EMD) of Rs.50,000/- (Rupees Fifty thousand only) in the form of Demand Draft (D.D)/ Bank Guarantee (B.G) along with the Bid.

“Earnest Money Deposit offered shall be in the form of Demand Draft (D.D)/Bank Guarantee (B.G) from any nationalized/ scheduled bank, in favor of TVNL payable at Ranchi and Valid up to 120 (One hundred and twenty) days from the last date of bid submission or any extension in the bid submission date.

The EMD of the unsuccessful bidders shall be refunded, only on completion of the entire process of selection of successful bidder.

On award of the work to the successful bidder, the EMD shall be refunded but only after submission of the Security Money in the form of Demand Draft or Bank Guarantee.


Tender, without Earnest Money shall not be considered. Offers shall be accompanied with the cost of tender document and earnest money deposit (EMD) of requisite value as specified above in a separate envelope failing which offers are liable for rejection.EMD may be furnished in form of Demand Draft/ Bank Guarantee from any Indian Nationalized Bank/ Schedule Commercial Bank in favour of “TENUGHAT VIDYUT NIGAM LIMITED” payable at Ranchi.


9.  The Earnest Money will be forfeited on revocation of tender before expiry of validity of the tender or on refusal to enter into the contract after the award is made by TVNL to the bidder.


10.  Any Corrigendum/Addendum/Extension of bid opening date and cancellation of NIT will be published through our website www.tvnlonline.com only and not through newspaper. The bidders are requested to visit our website regularly for any addendum/corrigendum/extension till opening of NIT.


11.  The due date of bid opening as mentioned in the tender will remain firm. However, in case of unforeseen circumstances or due to administrative reasons the bids are not opened on the due date, the same shall be opened on the next working day at the same time. In case the last date of submission of bids is declared as holiday, the bids received up to the time of closing of bids on the next working day shall be considered for opening.


12.  TVNL reserves the right to reject any or all tenders or to distribute the job among the bidders without assigning any reason thereof.



Forms will be available for sale from 9th May, 2016 to 18th May, 2016 during office working hours on any working day at the office of TVNL at Ranchi and the TENDER will be received till 19th May, 2016 up to 14:00 Hrs. The Tender’s shall be opened on the same day at 16:00 hrs in presence of the bidder/s or their authorized representative/s who wish to be present at the time of opening.

The qualified bidders will be intimated through Telephone/ Fax/ E-mail.



(R. Ranjan)
Electrical Superintending Engineer (P&S)

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