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BOQ of Tender Notice

Download : BOQ (PDF Format)

NIT No. 036/HR/W/TVNL/RAN/2015-16








Bill of Quantity
Part-I (Technical & Commercial Part)

NIT No. 036/HR/W/TVNL/RAN/2016-17

Engagement of 08 nos. of armed Security Personnel (Ex – army) for round the clock duty at TVNL Hqr, Ranchi.



Details to be furnished by the Bidder (Enclose separate sheets if required)

Flag No.

Page No.


Name of the Bidder

(Enclose Letter Head of  firm)





Address of Bidder with Telephone, Fax, E-mail





Name of the Proprietor/ Head of the Firm and its key personnel with organizational chart giving details of qualification and experience etc.






Details of maintenance set up with resources like permanent employees (with designation & strength), tools & tackle and other equipment with capacities






Name and Qualification of the site-in-charge





Work Experience of Bidder

(Attach copy of work order of similar work and its successful completion certificate during last seven years as per Sl. No. 1.c of QR)

Work Order No……….. Dated……….

Completion Certificate


Work Order No……….. Dated……….

Completion Certificate


Work Order No……….. Dated……….

Completion Certificate





Financial Credibility/ Capacity
(Attach Bank Solvency Certificate)





Average annual turnover of bidder during the last 03 financial years

(Attach audited Balance Sheet & P/L Account for last three years ending 31st March, 2016)

Average annual turnover of bidder during the last 03 (three) financial years Rs……………..

Annual Turnover

 FY 2015-16: Rs……………… 

 FY 2014-15: Rs……………… 

 FY 2013-14: Rs………………




Name & Designation of Authorized Signatory (Attach Power of Attorney if applicable)






Nature of Firm (Proprietorship/Partnership /Pvt. Ltd./Public Sector)

(Attach proof)






Permanent Account Number (PAN)

(Attach proof)





Service Tax Registration Number (Attach proof)





Sales Tax/Value Added Tax Registration Number / TIN  (Attach proof)





Labour License No.
(Attach copy of registration)





EPF. Code No.

(Attach copy of  registration)





Character Certificate of the Head of the Firm issued within last six month from due date of NIT.

(Issued by the Officer  not below the rank of  Magistrate)





Particulars of Earnest Money

(DD No. /BG No. & Date)






Particulars of Cost of Tender Document( BOQ)

(DD No. & Date)






Other details and  remarks, if any




(Signature & Seal of Bidder)

NIT No. 036/HR/W/TVNL/RAN/2015-16

Engagement of 08 nos. of armed Security Personnel (Ex – army) for round the clock duty at TVNL Hqr, Ranchi.



1 Validity of Offers: The bid submitted by bidders should remain valid for a Period of 120 days from the date of opening of Part-I unless otherwise specified.
2 Late Receipt of the Tender:  Special attention of the bidder is invited about   the receipt of the tender in time. Tenders received after the stipulated date and time due to any reason, whatsoever, shall not be considered. Bidders are requested to see that their bids are delivered in the office of TVNL before the prescribed date and time.

Inspection of Site: Before quoting the rate, bidders are advised to visit the work site and get satisfied with scope of work for which rates are to be quoted. Engineer -in -charge may be consulted for any clarification regarding scope of work and terms of tender. Bidder should go through the terms and conditions and technical specification of work carefully and sign in all pages of the tender document.

4 Instruction to Bidder:
  1. Bidders are advised to submit their bids strictly based on the scope of work, terms and conditions contained in the bid document and subsequent revisions/amendments, if any. The bid should be submitted along with covering letter.
  2. The bid shall be prepared and submitted by typing or printing in English on white paper in consecutively numbered pages duly signed by the authorized signatory with company seal affixed on each page. Any part of the bid, which is not specifically signed by the authorized signatory and not affixed with company seal, may not be considered for the purpose of evaluation.
  3. Copy of bid document, amendments/revisions to bid document if any, shall be signed and submitted along with the bid.
  4. Complete bid document including all enclosures should preferably be submitted in hard bond or spiral binding and all pages should be numbered and must be signed by the authorized signatory with seal of the company.
  5. The Part–II (Price Bid) should be sealed in an envelope super scribed with NIT No., “Part – II Price Bid”, Name and address of the bidding firm, and should be addressed to ESE (C&M-II), Tenughat Vidyut Nigam Limited, Hinoo, Ranchi-834002. The rate to be quoted in price part (Part-II) shall be in figure and in words both. In case of difference in the rates quoted in figures and words, the amount in words shall prevail. The bidder must quote firm rates. Bid with variable rates shall be considered invalid.
  6. Complete tender or tenders not submitted as per requirement as indicated in the NIT are likely to be rejected.
  7. Bidders shall submit their offer strictly as per terms and conditions of the tender document without any deviation. If at any time any of the documents/information submitted by the bidder is found to be incorrect, false or untruthful, the bid and/or the resultant order may be summarily rejected/ cancelled at the risk of the bidder.
  8. Failure to furnish all information and documentary evidence as stipulated in the bid document or submission of an offer that is not substantially responsive to the bid document in all respects shall be summarily rejected.
  9. All bids will be received in duly sealed cover within the due date and time. Bids received after the due date and time is liable for outright rejection.
5 Earnest Money Deposit (EMD): Offers shall be accompanied with Earnest Money Deposit (EMD) of requisite value as specified in a separate envelope failing which offers are liable for rejection.EMD may be furnished in form of Demand Draft/ Bank Guarantee from any Indian Nationalized Bank/Schedule Commercial Bank in favour of “TENUGHAT VIDYUT NIGAM LIMITED” payable at Ranchi. The Bank Guarantee should remain valid for 12 months. The earnest money will be forfeited on revocation of tender before expiry of validity of the tender or on refusal to enter into the contract agreement after the award is made by TVNL to the bidder.
6 Security Deposit:  The successful bidder shall have to deposit total security @ 10% of order value in which initial security money @5% of the order value (including earnest money which will be retained as security money) before executing the agreement. Initial security money will be accepted as Bank Draft/ Bank Guarantee in the prescribed format not adjustable against running bill. Balance 5% of security money will be deducted from R/A bills. The security money will be released after successful completion of work and closure of contract.
7 Payment Terms: Payment of Contractor will be made through monthly running bills which will be verified by Work – in – Charge after successful completion of the work and payment of wages to the employee by the Contactor. The monthly bill in triplicate will be submitted by the Contractor to the Work –in –Charge latest by 7th of the every month along with Bank Statement & Payment Sheet showing payment of wages to workmen for the preceding month and other relevant documents like EPF/Service Tax deposit slip etc. Contractor must ensure the payment of wages to workmen deployed in preceding month latest by 5th day of every month irrespective of clearance of bill submitted at least for two consecutive months failing which penalty @ 0.5% per day (maximum up to 5%) of monthly contract value will be deducted from running bills of the contractor.
8 Paying Authority: The Accounts Officer, TVNL, Ranchi will be the Paying Authority.
9 Work-in-Charge: HOD (HR) will be the Work-in-Charge for this work. The works are to be executed as per direction of Work-in-Charge. Anything not mentioned here in shall be decided by the Engineer-in-Charge of the work and shall be binding on the contractor.
10 Period of Contract: The period of contract shall be 01 (one) year from the date as shall be mentioned in the work order. If the services rendered have been found satisfactory, period of contract may be extended further as per requirement of site.
11 Safety Measures: The Contractor shall observe all the safety measures. Safety appliances have to be arranged by the Contractor at his own cost. Any compensation payable to the Contractor’s employee in the event of accident or causality has to borne by the Contractor himself and TVNL will not be responsible on this accounts in any way. In case of any damage due to negligence mishandling and mal operation by the staff of contractor, the damage would be made good by the contractors at their own cost. In case of no compliance, proportionate deduction will be made from the bills of the contractor.
12 Scope of the work: Scope of the work is attached here as a guideline to execute the work. However contractor has to execute all the work as per direction of Work-in-Charge for proper working of equipments.
13 Agreement: The firm and his legally authorized representative having Power of Attorney will have to execute agreement with the ordering authority within 25 days of issue of order in the event of placement of order on them. The agreement will have to be prepared on a non-judicial stamp paper of Rs.50/- only on Nigam’s format. Bank Guarantee against Security Deposit, Performance Guarantee etc. as per order will have to be furnished well before execution of agreement. The contractor is required to produce all original paper and documents for verification before agreement failing which order will be cancelled. Contractor will not be allowed to start the work without executing the agreement.
14 Jurisdiction of Court: Any dispute between the Contractor and TVNL shall be settled in the civil court at Ranchi, Jharkhand only.
15 Labour Laws: The bidder has to follow the guidelines laid under the labour law, workmen compensation, and EPF rules in respect of minimum wages, EPF payment and other service condition. In the event of any accident / casualty to the employees of contractor, the compensation payable to the employees is to be borne by the contractor and TVNL will not be responsible in any way.
16 Taxes: All statutory taxes as applicable shall be deducted from each running bill of contractor.
17 Violation of Terms & Conditions of Tender: All terms and conditions of tender shall form a part of the contract. If contractor fails to execute the work up to entire satisfaction of Engineer -in –Charge as per terms & conditions of tender, then the contract agreement can be terminated after one month prior notice and security money shall be forfeited.
18 Subletting: The successful bidder will have to execute the work directly. No subletting will be allowed.
19 Competent Authority: Managing Director TVNL reserves the right to extend the due date and to reject any/ all the tenders or to increase / reduce/ distribute the quantity of tender without assigning any reason thereof and not bound to accept the lowest tender or to assign any reason for the rejection of the lowest tender. During the execution of work in case of any dispute between the Engineer-in -Charge and contractor, the decision of General Manager cum Chief Engineer Tenughat TPS will be final and binding.
20 Tools & Tackles: The contractor should have to arrange minimum of minor and special tools & tackles as per scope of work.
21 Man Power: A list of manpower arranged by you should be submitted to Work -in –Charge before deployment and same should be deployed with due permission of Work -in -Charge. If the performance of the deployed person is not found up to the mark at any time, agency will have to replace them with experienced and suitable person. During the period of absence of security personnel, TVNL will have right to deduct penalty from your bill.
22 Deployment of security Personnel: - The deployment of security personnel (Ex-army) are to be made in such a way that entire office of TVNL Hqr. including materials, papers, files and documents are provided with proper security cover round the clock and all days including Sunday and holidays.
23 The security personnel must be healthy and well trained and of good manner & habits to discharge their duties properly & sincerely.
24 All Security Personnel will wear the uniforms provided by agency during duty period. They will also carry identity card issued to them.
25 The Security Agency is required to produce a copy of registration under Private Security Regulation Act 2005 or submit a proof of the application submitted for obtaining the same. You are also required to submit the labour license under CL (R&A) act within a reasonable time.
26 Penalty: In case of any breakdown, fault or emergency maintenance, the contractor has to attend the same without any delay. In case of failing or deliberated neglect, the work will be carried out through outside agency at the cost & risk of the contractor and this may be liable for termination of their contract.
27 Transportation: Successful bidder will be required to arrange his own conveyance for their employee for attending their duties. However, in case of emergency call during night, transport available may be provided by TTPS.
28 Mobilization Time: The successful bidder will be given maximum one month time from the date of LOI/Work Order for mobilization of resources, manpower and enter in to agreement and starting the work. The contractor failing to enter in to agreement and start the work within one month will lose the work order and earnest money/security money and work will be allotted to L2, L3…..bidder if they agree to work on L1 rate.


                                                                                                                                                                                          (Signature & Seal of Bidder)

NIT No. 036/HR/W/TVNL/RAN/2015-16

Engagement of 08 nos. of armed Security Personnel (Ex – army) for round the clock duty at TVNL Hqr, Ranchi.



  1. Round the clock super vision of office of the TVNL Hrq. At Ranchi and to prevent entry of the un-authorized persons and to prevent the theft of the materials etc.

  2. To escort cash from one place to another.

  3. To provide security personnel to the executive of the Nigam as & when required.

  4. To keep liaison with local police authority.

  5. To keep watch the situation at the Hqr. office and suggest preventive measure to avoid any incidence.

  6. In the event of unsatisfactory performance of any security personnel, he shall be removed from the office and the company shall have to provide replacement thereof immediately.

  7. The deployment of security personnel will be made available in such a way what they are present for the whole month and at the same time the security personnel are allowed to avail weekly rest day and holidays & National holidays.

  8. The attendance of individual security personnel shall be verified from the army shall have to be furnished at the time of joining.

  9. No TA shall be paid to security personnel for joining TVNL Hqr.

  10. The security personnel will replaced/changed at the interval of six months or earlier, if necessary.

  11. Employers liabilities: - You being principal employer, will be liable to fulfill all statutory laws and obligations governing service conditions including labour laws, payment of minimum wages, contribution of P.F., ESIC (Mediclaim) etc including compensation to be paid due to any reason to your security personnel as per any statutory regulation TVNL is no case be responsible for any account at any time.

  12. Contractor’s labour strike/unrest: - During the period of contract if there is any strike by the security personnel resulting in the deterioration of law and order and damage of properties/equipments etc. of TVNL, security agency will be liable to compensate the damage/loss.



(Signature & Seal of Bidder)



BILL OF QUANTITY                                                                                      PART – II (PRICE PART)


NIT No. 036/HR/W/TVNL/RAN/2015-16

Engagement of 08 nos. of armed Security Personnel (Ex – army) for round the clock duty at TVNL Hqr, Ranchi.


S. N.

Name of the work

Quoted Amount for one year
(In Rs.)
Both in Figure & Words


Engagement of 08 nos. of armed Security Personnel (Ex – army) for round the clock duty at TVNL Hqr, Ranchi.  


Service Tax

Extra as applicable.


  1. Total quoted cost will be the criteria for defining L1 bidder



(Signature & Seal of Bidder)


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