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BOQ of Tender Notice

Download : BOQ (PDF Format)

NIT No. 027/C&I/P/TVNL/RAN/2016-17






Principal Terms and Conditions (PTC )



Bill of Quantity

Part-I (Technical & Commercial Part)

NIT No. 027/C&I/P/TVNL/RAN/2016-17

Supply of Desktop Computers & Printers of HP Make for users of SAP at Tenughat TPS

S.No. Particulars Details to be furnished by the Bidder (Enclose separate sheets if required)

Flag No.

Page No.


Name of the Bidder
(Enclose Letter Head of firm)




2 Address of Bidder with Telephone, Fax, E-mail
3 Status of the Bidder (whether Manufacturers)
(Enclose copy of certificate)
4 Whether the firm are a Govt. Organ./Govt. U/T.
5 Whether the firm are registered with NSIC/SSI (Jharkhand)/ DGS&D. (enclose copy of certificate


Experience of Bidder /OEM

(Attach copy of purchase order of similar work and its successful completion certificate during last seven years as per Sl. No. 1.c of QR)


Purchase Order No……….. Dated……….

Completion Certificate Dated…………

Purchase Order No……….. Dated……….

Completion Certificate Dated…………

Purchase Order No……….. Dated……….

Completion Certificate Dated…………


Financial Credibility/ Capacity
(Attach Bank Solvency Certificate)


Average annual financial turnover of bidder during the last 03 years

(Attach audited Balance Sheet & P/L Account for last three years ending 31st March, 2015/2016)


Average annual financial turnover of bidder during the last 03 (three) years Rs…………….. 

Annual Turnover

 FY 2015-16: Rs……………… 

 FY 2014-15: Rs……………… 

 FY 2013-14: Rs………………

9 Name & Designation of Authorized Signatory (Attach Power of Attorney if applicable)

Nature of Firm (Proprietorship/Partnership /Pvt. Ltd./Public Sector)
(Attach proof)


Permanent Account Number (PAN)
(Attach proof)


Service Tax Registration Number
(Attach proof)


13 Sales Tax/Value Added Tax Registration Number / TIN (Attach proof)

Particulars of Earnest Money

(DD No. /BG No. & Date)


Particulars of Cost of Tender Document( BOQ)

(BG/DD No. & Date)


Specification of the material to be supplied : 


Quantity both in figure & in words :       


Payment Terms
(DD No. & Date)

Whether you are accepting our payment terms clause at Sl.no.10 of PTC?  Yes / No 

19 Transit Insurance charges

The TVNL have its own marine policy with insurance company.


Delivery period

Whether you are accepting our delivery schedule as per Sl. No.13 of PTC?  Yes / No XXV  

Validity period of the offer  (minimum 120 days )


Guarantee period of  the material to be supplied  

23 Whether you will deposit Security Money. If not reasons thereof with documentary  proof of exemption:                     XXVIII  
24 Whether you will furnish  the Performance Guarantee   XXIX  


26 Do you fulfill the pre-requisite qualification?   XXXI  

Whether you accept all term & conditions of B.O.Q.

28 Penalty   XXXIII  
29 Any extra information    XXXIV  

(Signature & Seal of Bidder)

NIT No. 027/C&I/P/TVNL/RAN/2016-17

Supply of Desktop Computers & Printers of HP Make for users of SAP at Tenughat TPS


Each of these instructions must be read carefully and followed strictly. Failure in complying with any of these would render your offer liable for rejection.


Sl. No.  


The offer should be in sealed envelope and preferably be sent by Registered Post / Speed Post. Intending bidders are advised to post their offers well in time so as to reach us before bid due date and time. Offers received after the due date and time of submission of bids shall not be accepted.


Offer must be preferably typed and submitted in duplicate.
3 The enquiry no., bid due date and details of earnest money deposit (EMD) should be super scribed on the envelope.
4 In case of any change in the name of the company/address viz-a-viz what has been indicated in the tender enquiry , bidders are requested to intimate such changes in advance supported by relevant documents failing which the offer may be treated as unsolicited and run the risk of being not opened.
5 The quoted price must be written in both figures and words in capital letters. Alterations if any, should be made clearly by crossing the whole entered rate and last corrections should be attested by the tenderer with their full signature and stamp. In no case there should be overwriting and all tenders with such overwriting shall be liable for rejection. In case of any discrepancy between figures and words, the rates in words shall be considered for the purpose of evaluation.

Offers shall be accompanied with earnest money deposit (EMD) of requisite value as specified in a separate envelope failing which offers are liable for rejection.EMD may be furnished in any of the following forms:

Through Demand Draft drawn on any Nationalized bank/Schedule commercial bank in favour of “TENUGHAT VIDYUT NIGAM LIMITED” payable at Ranchi.Bank Guarantee from a Nationalized bank/Schedule commercial bank irrevocable & operative till 30 days after the validity of the offer or extended validity of the offer.The earnest money will be forfeited on revocation of tender before expiry of validity of the tender or on refusal to enter into the contract after the award is made by TVNL to the tenderer.

Tenders without Earnest Money shall not be considered other than NSIC/SSI registered units. A copy of such registration has to be furnished for claiming exemption from EMD. Exemption from the Earnest Money to NSIC/SSI units will be considered as per Govt. Circulation. SSI units of Jharkhand will be given preference as per Govt. rule.

7 The rates quoted shall be FOR TTPS, Lalpania basis. However, if the vendor quotes on ex-works/ dispatching station basis the freight charges at the rate of 4% shall be loaded on quoted ex – works/dispatching station basic price. Material is to be dispatched through authorized transporter of TVNL on Freight to pay basis. If the vendor quotes on FOR destination/FOR dispatching station/ex-works but freight paid up to destination basis ,packing and forwarding and freight components should be shown separately as ED and ST shall be payable on Ex-works price only and shall not be applicable on freight charges.
8 Offer should be strictly as per specification/drawings/samples as spelt out in the enquiry. Deviations there form, if any,shall be clearly spelt out by the tenderer with reason. In case no such deviations are indicated, it shall be taken for granted that the item has been offered strictly as per requirements given in the enquiry.
9 Tenderer should base his offer as per delivery schedule in the enquiry. In case of any deviation, the tenderer should quote his best, realistic delivery. The same shall be specific and guaranteed. The delivery period shall commence from the date of Letter Of Intent/Purchase Order, whichever is the first intimation of acceptance of vendor’s offer. Final dates of delivery shall be the date of dispatch of materials evidenced by the relevant Goods Receipt Note(GR).Wherever stage inspection or Pre-dispatch inspection is involved ,the vendor shall take account 21 days’ notice to TVNL for deputing inspector. The delivery period shall be inclusive of the time taken for such inspection. For delays beyond the contractual delivery period, provisions of TVNL General Purchase Conditions shall apply.
10 TVNL reserves the right to accept or reject any/all offers increase/decrease the tendered quantity or distribute the quantity among the bidders without assigning any reason thereof.
11 In case of non-submission of bid, tenderer may sent a regret letter and return all bid documents/drawings etc. if any, enclosed with the bid.
12 Order placed as a result of this enquiry shall be subject to the purchasers General Purchase Conditions, a copy of which enclosed. Tenderer is requested to confirm acceptance in toto in their offer.
13 All tenderer shall submit along with their bid latest valid Income Tax Clearance Certificate or else their bid are liable for rejection.
14 Make/Brand of the item offered shall be specified failing which offers are liable for rejection. One copy of detailed descriptive literature/pamphlets shall be enclosed along with the offer.
15 Our standard terms of payments are 100% payment within 30 days of receipt and acceptance of the materials at our stores.
16 The prices quoted shall be exclusive of Excise duty and sales Tax.The rate and nature of sales tax applicable shall be shown separately. Sales Tax will be paid to the seller at which it is liable to be assessed or has actually been assessed on the date of supply provided the transaction of sale is liable to sales tax.In case quoted goods are subject to Excise duty , the vendor shall have to furnish documentary evidence as proof of having paid the same. Requirement of concessional sales tax form if any may be clearly indicated in the offer. In case of variable excise duty, maximum quantum of excise duty will be loaded for comparison purposes.
17 If the tenderer is on DGS & D Rate contract for enquired items, a copy of the same should be enclosed along with the offers. Units registered with SSI/NSIC shall indicate the registration number and enclosed copy of registration certificate.
18 Test Certificate of Manufacturer/Govt. Test House shall be required to be submitted wherever so stipulated.
19 Tenderers shall certify that the quoted rates are applicable to Govt.Depts./Public Sector Undertakings.
20 The quoted rates must be firm till the complete execution of the contract.
21 Tenderers are requested to fill in the enclosed proforma for Terms and Conditions and submit the same alongwith their offer in DUPLICATE.
22 The list of customers to whom tenderer had supplied similar equipment in  the past alongwith the purchase order copy, performance certificate if any, should be furnished.
23 In case the material offered is of ISI mark/tested at any Govt. recognized test house ,copies of relevant test certificate should be enclosed with the offer.
24 Tenders will be opened in the presence of bidder or their authorized representative themselves.

Bidder should note that printed terms and conditions shall not be considered for evaluation purposes unless otherwise Specifically mentioned in the offer itself.

26 Bidders should quote their prices excluding insurance charges as all transit insurance will be covered by TVNL open policy. To this effect loading of 0.15% shall be done on their offer towards insurance charges.
27 In case any clause is not acceptable to the Tenderers’, the same should be specifically brought out in the bid with a categorical confirmation that all other clauses are acceptable to the bidder. If no mention is made in this regard, it shall be presumed that all the clauses mentioned herein above are acceptable to bidder
28 The offers should be valid for a minimum period of 120 days from the date of bid opening.


Note: Bidders are requested to visit work site before submission of bid for assessment of actual work involved.


                                                                                                                                                                                     (Signature & Seal of Bidder)

NIT No. 027/C&I/P/TVNL/RAN/2016-17

Supply of Desktop Computers & Printers of HP Make for users of SAP at Tenughat TPS




The following terms and expressions used herein shall have the meaning as indicated therein:-

Supplier/ Vendor :  Shall mean the individual firm, Company or Corporation whether incorporated or otherwise to whom this Purchase Order is addressed and shall include its permitted assigns and successors.

Purchaser/ Owner :  Shall mean Tenughat Vidyut Nigam Limited, a company incorporated in India under the Companies Act. 1956, having its registered office at Hinoo, Doranda, Ranchi, and shall include its permitted successors and assigns.

02 Reference:

The number of this Purchase Order must appear on all correspondence, drawings, invoices, packing and shipping documents and on all documents or papers connected with Purchase Order.
03 Specifications and Drawings:

Any information, details etc. called for in the specification and not shown in the drawing and vice versa shall have the same effect and meaning as if called for and shown both in the specification and drawings. In case of conflict between the specifications and drawings, the decision of the Purchaser or his duly authorized representative shall be final and binding.
04 Price Basis:

Price mentioned in the Purchase Order shall be firm and not subject to escalation till the execution of the complete order and its subsequent amendments accepted by the vendor even though the completion/ execution of the order may taken longer time than the delivery period specified and accepted in the Purchase Order.
05 Taxes, Levies and Duties:

Sales Tax, Levies and any other duties payable shall be shown separately in the invoice. This shall be to the account of the Purchaser/ Owner, unless otherwise mentioned in the Purchase Order.
06 Inspection/ Checking testing:

As per clause no. 07 of PTC.
07 Access to Vendors Premises:

The Owner and/ or his authorized representative shall be provided access to vendors and/ or his sub vendors premises, at any time during the pendency of the Order, for expediting, inspection, checking etc. of work.
08 Removal of Rejected Goods and Replacement:

If upon delivery, whether inspected and approved earlier or otherwise, the material/ equipment is not in conformity with the specifications, the same shall be rejected by the Purchaser or his duly authorized representative and notification to this effect will be issued to the vendor normally within 30 days from the date of receipt of the material at the Work Site Office/Stores.
09 Terms of Payment:

The payment will be made by the Owner to the vendor on accordance with the terms and conditions specified in the Purchase Order. All payments shall normally be made from the office of the purchaser situated at Hinoo-Doranda-Ranchi:834002
10 Additions/ Alterations/ Modifications:

The Owner reserves the right to make additions/ alteration/ modifications to the quantity of the items in the Purchase Order. The vendor shall supply such quantities also at the same rate as originally agreed to and incorporated in the Purchase Order. If however, the additional work is at variance in design, size and specifications and not already covered by the Purchase Order or the amendments therein, the rates for such additional work shall be negotiated and mutually agreed.
11 Delivery Schedule:

 Time is the essence of this Order and no variation shall be permitted in the delivery time/ delivery schedule mentioned in the Order. Delivery of the equipment/ materials described shall be deemed to constitute acceptance of this Order and terms and conditions by the vendor at the price specified.

Liquidated Damages for Delay in Delivery:

In case of any delay in the execution of the Order beyond the stipulated date of delivery/ delivery schedule including any extension permitted in writing, the Owner reserves right to recover from the vendor a sum equivalent to 0.5% of the value of the delay materials/ equipment for each week of delay and part thereof subject to a maximum of 5% of the total value of the Order.

Alternatively, the Purchaser reserves the right to purchase the material/ equipment from elsewhere at the sole risk and cost of the vendor and recover all such extra cost incurred by the purchaser in procuring the material by the above procedure. Alternatively the purchaser may cancel the Order completely or partly without prejudice to his right under the alternatives mentions above. In event of recourse to alternative 12.2 and 12.3 above, the Owner will have the right to repurchase the stores, which are ready available to meet the urgency in requirement caused by vendors failure to comply with the schedule delivery irrespective of the fact whether the materials/ equipments are similar or not.

13 Source of Supply:

The vendor shall insure that the indigenous capacity is utilized to the fullest extent possible in execution of this Order. Where the imports are unavoidable, all such items be imported by the vendor in good time against his own import license without effecting the contractual delivery schedule.
14 Patent Rights:

Royalties and fees form patents covering material/ equipment or processes used in executing the work shall be to the account of the vendor. The vendor shall satisfy all demands that may be made at any time for such royalties and fees and he alone shall be liable for damages, infringement and shall keep the purchaser indemnified in that regard in the event of any equipment/ material or part thereof supplied by the vendor is involved in any suit or other proceedings held to constitute infringement and its use is enjoyed, the vendor shall, at his own expenses, either procure for the purchaser the right to continue the use of such equipment/ material replace it with a non-infringing material/ equipment or modify it so it become non-infringing.

Force Majeure:

Vendor shall not be considered in default if delay in delivery occurs due to causes beyond his control such as acts of God, natural calamities, civil wars, strikes, fire, frost, floods, riot and acts of unsurpassed power. Only those causes which have duration of more than 7 days shall be considered cause of force majeure. A notification to this effect duly certified by local chamber of commerce/ statutory authorities shall be given by the vendor to the Owner by registered letter. In the event of delay due to such causes, delivery schedule will be extended for a length of time equal to the period of force majeure or at the option of the Owner, the order may be cancelled. Such cancellation, would be without any liability whatsoever on the part of the Owner. In the event of such cancellation, the vendor shall refund any amount advanced or paid to the vendor by the Purchaser and deliver back any materials issued to him by the Purchaser and release facilities, if any provided by the Purchaser. 



The Owner reserves the right to cancel the Order in the part or in full by giving one week advance notice thereby if:The vendor fails to comply with any of the terms of the order.  The vendor becomes bankrupt or goes into liquidation.The vendor makes general assignment for the benefit of the creditors, and any receiver is appointed for the property owned by the vendor.

17 Waiver:

Any waiver by the owner of any breach of the terms and conditions of the order shall not be constitute any subsequent breach of the waiver of any other right or conditions.

Compliance of Regulations:

The vendor shall warrant that all Goods and/ or services covered by this Purchase order shall have been produced, sold, dispatched ,delivered, tested and commissioned in strict compliance with all applicable laws, regulations including industries (development & Regulations) act. 1951 and any amendment there under, labour agreements, working conditions and technical codes and requirement as applicable from time to time.The vendor should execute and deliver such documents as may be needed by the Purchaser in evidence of compliance. All laws, rules and regulations required to be reference. Any liability arising out of contravention of an of the laws on executing this order shall be the sole responsibility of the vendor and the owner shall not be responsible in any manner whatsoever.

19 Sub- Letting & Assignment:

The vendor shall not sub-let transfer or assign any part of this Purchase Order, without the prior written consent of the Purchaser. Such assignments or subletting or transfer shall not relieve the vendor from any obligation, duty and responsibility under his Purchase Order. Any assignment, transfer or subletting without the prior written approval of the owner shall be void. The Purchaser shall have the right to cancel the order and to purchase the goods from elsewhere and the supplier shall be liable to the purchaser for any loss or damage which the purchaser may sustain in consequence or arising out of such purchase and the vendor shall indemnify such loss or damage to the owner. 
20 Vendors Drawing & Date:

All Drawings, data and documentation in respect of the ordered items are an integral part of the Purchase Order. The vendor will furnish all such drawings, data and documentation to the Purchaser. The schedule for submission of these documents by the vendor and the required number of copies shall be specified by Purchaser. The vendor shall ensure strict compliance to this schedule.
21 Information Provided by the Purchaser:

All Drawings, data and documentation that are given to the vendor by the Purchaser for the execution of the order shall be the property of the Purchaser and shall be returned by the vendor on demand by the purchaser. The vendor shall not make use of any of the above documents for any purpose at any time except for the purpose of executing the order to the Purchaser. The vendor shall not disclose any of the information given by the Purchaser to any person, firm, body, corporate and/ or authority and shall use all endeavors to ensure that above information is kept confidential. All such information shall also remain the absolute property of the Purchaser.
22 Spare Parts, Oils & Lubricants:

Wherever applicable, the vendor shall furnish item wise price list of spare parts required for two years operation of the equipment ordered. The vendor shall also provide the necessary instructions and drawings to identify the spare part numbers and their location as an interchange ability chart. The vendor shall recommend the quality of oils and lubricants required to be used in the operation of the equipment supplied under this Order for a continuous operation for a period of at least one year.
23 Vendor Liability:

Vendor hereby accept full responsibility and indemnifies the Purchaser and shall hold the Purchaser harmless from all acts of omissions and commissions on the part of the vendor, his agents, his subcontractors and employees in execution of the Order. The vendor also agrees to defend and hereby undertakes to indemnify the Purchaser and also hold him harmless from any and all claims for injury to or death of any and all persons including but not limited employees and for damage to the property arising out of or in connection with the performance of the work under the Purchase Order.
24 Splitting of Quantity:

The owner reserves the right to splitting of quantity into more than one bidder at the time of placement of order. The distribution of order will be in the ascending order (starting from L1) and the lowest bidder will get the more weightage in distribution of quantity.

(Signature & Seal of Bidder)

NIT No. 027/C&I/P/TVNL/RAN/2016-17

Supply of Desktop Computers & Printers of HP Make for users of SAP at Tenughat TPS

Principal Terms and Conditions (PTC )


Acceptance of tenders: The purchaser is not bound to accept the lowest tender or to assign any reason for the rejection of the lowest tender. The purchaser reserves the right to extend the due date and to reject any/ all the tenders or to increase / reduce/ distribute the quantity of tender without assigning any reason thereof.


Price: Rate should be quoted F.O.R, TTPS (stores), Lalpania.
03 Packing & forwarding: The Tenderer should ensure the materials are securely packed to safeguard against any damage in transit. If the Tenderer wants extra payment for packing & forwarding/ handling etc., the same must be clearly mentioned in the tender without whom the claim for extra amount will not be considered.
04 Excise duty: Central Excise duty if chargeable extra should be specifically quoted, failing which no claim for the same will be entertained and price quoted will be deemed to have included of same. Excise duty if quoted will be paid extra only on production of documentary evidence.
05 Sales tax: Sales tax will be paid extra as admissible under rule at concessional rate against CST/ JST declaration form. The Tenderers are required to indicate their VAT/sales tax registration no. No tender will be considered if this no. is not mentioned.

Security deposit: i) The successful Tenderer shall have to deposit security equal to 5% of the order value (including earnest money which will be retained as security) within the date specified in the acceptance of the tender/ purchase order.

ii) Security money (balance amount after deduction of earnest money) will be accepted as Bank draft/ Bank Guarantee in the prescribed format not adjustable against running bill. The same will be released after completion of the guarantee period.


Inspection:The material will be got inspected by the authorized inspector of TVNL.

08 Rejection of defective materials: Items found defective or inferior in quality and not as per tender specification shall be rejected and replacement will have to be made by the supplier free of cost.
09 Test Certificate: - The certificate of technical specification etc. issued by the authorized inspector of TVNL shall have to be submitted along with the consignment.
10. Payment Terms: 80% payment will be made by cheque / RTGS on receipt of materials in good condition in our stores along with inspection report. Balance 20% payment of supply part along with 100% payment of Erection & Commissioning will be released after successful Erection & Commissioning. Payment shall   be made by the paying authority on receipt of bill in triplicate duly verified by the consignee along with SRV provided Performance Guarantee and Security Deposit etc. have been furnished by the firm against supply items.
11 Guarantee: The material supplied shall be guaranteed against manufacturing defects, bad workmanship and unsatisfactory service for a period of 18 months from the date of dispatch or 12 months from the date of materials being put in service whichever is earlier or as per OEM. In the event of any manufacturing defect or bad workmanship and unsatisfactory service, the materials supplied will have to be replaced forthwith free of cost to TVNL.
12 Performance Guarantee: The supplier shall furnish a Bank Guarantee of 5% (five percent) of the order value in the prescribed Performa of TVNL towards the Performance guarantee. The Bank Guarantee from any Nationalized Bank shall be furnished in this office before release of payment and shall be valid up to guarantee period.
13 Delivery Period:  The items against this order should be delivered in good condition to the consignee within six months. However an early delivery will be highly appreciated.
14 Penalty: - If materials are not supplied within delivery period, a penalty @ 0.5% per week maximum up to 5% of the total undelivered quantity of material will  be imposed except under force majeure.
15 Validity of Offers: The tenders should remain open for acceptance for a Period of 120 days from the date of opening of  Part-I unless otherwise specified.
16 Paying Authority: - The Accounts Officer, TVNL,   Ranchi will be the Paying Authority.
17 Late Receipt of the Tender:Special attention of the bidder is invited about   the receipt of the tender in time. Tenders received after the stipulated date and time due to any reason, whatsoever, shall not be considered. Bidders are requested to see that the tenders are delivered in the office before the prescribed date and time.
18 Consignee: EEE (Stores), TTPS, Lalpania, Bokaro will be the consignee of the items.
19 Transit Insurance: The consignment shall be insured before dispatch. The TVNL have its own marine policy with insurance company. The consignee must be informed and asked for the details of Insurance Company through which it would be insured before dispatch.
20 Execution of Agreement: The firm and his legally authorized representative having Power of Attorney will have to execute agreement with the undersigned within 25days of issue of order in the event of placement of order on them. The agreement will have to be prepared on a non-judicial stamp paper of Rs.50/- only on Nigam’s format. Bank Guarantee against Security Deposit, Performance Guarantee etc. as per order will have to be furnished well before execution of agreement. Payment against supply will be made only after execution of agreement.
21 Jurisdiction of Court: - Any dispute between the purchaser and the Tenderer shall be settled in the civil court, Ranchi.
22 In case the terms and conditions of the bidder are found different from our BOQ, their price part may not be entertained.
23 These terms and conditions shall form a part of the contract.



(Signature & Seal of Bidder)



BILL OF QUANTITY                                                                                             

 NIT No. 027/C&I/P/TVNL/RAN/2016-17

Supply of Desktop Computers & Printers of HP Make for users of SAP at Tenughat TPS

S. N


Quantity (Nos.)


Desktop PC

Specification: Processor – Core i3 (4th Gen), RAM-4 GB, HDD- 500 GB /1TB, LAN Port, Monitor-19.5 Inch LCD



Multifunction Laser Printer

Network based All in  One Laser Printer



A-2 Size Printer:




(Signature & Seal of Bidder)



BILL OF QUANTITY                                                                                                         PART – II (PRICE PART)

NIT No. 027/C&I/P/TVNL/RAN/2016-17

Supply of Desktop Computers & Printers of HP Make for users of SAP at Tenughat TPS

S. N Description Quantity (Nos.) Rate (In Rs.), Amount(In Rs.)

Desktop Computers:

Specification: Processor – Core i3 (4th Gen), RAM-4 GB, HDD- 500 GB /1TB, LAN Port, Monitor-19.5 Inch LCD


Multifunction Laser Printers:

Network based All in  One Laser Printer

3 A-2 Size Printer: 2    
4 Packing & Forwarding charges      
5 Excise Duty                                    
6 Sales Tax                                         
7 Transportation Charges              





(Signature & Seal of Bidder)

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