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Objections/ Comments invited from various stakeholders on the Petition submitted by Tenughat Vidyut Nigam Limited for approval of Truing Up of FY 2012-13 & FY 2013-14 and Annual Performance Review for FY 2015-16 for 2x210 MW coal fired` Thermal Power Project

Tenughat Vidyut Nigam Limited (TVNL) is a wholly owned Generating Company of Government of Jharkhand and was constituted in 1987 under the Indian Company’s Act, 1956.

TVNL operates two Units (Unit I and Unit II) of Tenughat Thermal Power Station that are the subject of tariff determination in the Petition filed by it. Each unit has an installed power generation capacity of 210 MW. Unit I commenced its operations in September, 1996 and Unit II in September 1997. With the creation of State of Jharkhand on November 15, 2000, the Petitioner is an undertaking of Government of Jharkhand.

The Petitioner entered into a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with JBVNL (erstwhile JSEB) on July 19, 2005. The PPA was executed on September 1, 2005 and was valid till August 1, 2010. However, Clause 10 of the general terms and conditions of the said PPA states that in case JBVNL (erstwhile JSEB) continues to receive power from TVNL even after expiry of the agreement without further renewal of formal extension thereof, then all the provisions of the said agreement shall continue to operate till the said agreement is formally extended, reviewed and replaced.

In accordance with the provisions of Section 62 of the Electricity Act, 2003 and as per the provisions of the JSERC (Terms and Conditions for Determination of Generation Tariff) Regulation 2010, Tenughat Vidyut Nigam Limited has filed the Petition for Truing up of Aggregate Revenue Requirement (ARR) for FY 2012-13 & FY 2013-14 and Annual Performance Review for FY 2014-15 for 2x210 MW coal fired` Thermal Power Plant.

The Commission has scrutinized and accepted the Petition and has directed TVNL to publish a public notice for inviting objections/ Comments from various stakeholders.

Table 1: Details of Tenughat Thermal Power Station


2x210 MW

Primary Fuel Coal
Secondary Fuel Oil

Brief Overview of the Petition

True up for FY 2012-13 and FY 2013-14

The summary of operational parameters and Aggregate Revenue Requirement (ARR) for FY 2012-13 & FY 2013-14 is provided in the following table:

Table 2: Operational performance and ARR for FY 2012-13 and FY 2013-14



FY 2012-13

FY 2013-14

Capacity (MW) 420 420
Availability (%) 87.88% 79.47%
PLF (Overall in %) Unit I & Unit II 79.42% 61.32%
Gross Generation (MUs) – Unit I & Unit II 2922 2256.14
Auxiliary Consumption (%) 10.78% 11.74%
Net Generation (MUs)- Overall 2617.17 1991.21
Station Heat Rate (kCal/kWh) 2940 2778
Gross Calorific Value of Coal (kCal/kg) 4037 2887
Transit Loss (%) 0.20% 0.20%
Total Coal Consumption (MT) 2116764 1602412
Cost of Coal (Rs/MT) 1960 1767
Total Cost of Coal (Rs Cr) 414.93 283.13
Energy Charges (Rs/kWh) 1.59 1.42
Energy Cost (Rs Cr) 414.93 283.13
O&M Expenses (Rs Cr) 174.31 90.45
Depreciation (Rs Cr) 74.47 70.83
Interest on Loan (Rs Cr) 86.71 324.87
Return on Equity(Rs Cr) 25.87 26.30
Interest on Working Capital(Rs Cr) 36.34 30.67
Cost of Secondary Fuel Oil(Rs Cr) 29.08 27.63
Total Fixed Cost (Rs Cr) 426.78 570.75
Total expenses (Rs Cr) 841.72 853.88
Less : Non-tariff Income(Rs Cr) 28.25 32.38
Net Total Expenses 813.47 821.50
Revenue at Existing Tariff(Rs Cr) 793.60 612.60
Gap of the Year(Rs Cr) (19.86) (208.90)
Total Gap with Carrying Cost (Rs Cr) (24.26) (250.35)

Annual Performance Review FY 2014-15

The operational performance for FY 2014-15 based on actual generation and plant parameters for the period April 2014 to March 2015 is shown in the table below:

Table 3: Operational performance for FY 2014-15
Particulars FY 2014-15

Normative Availability (%)


PLF (Overall in %) Unit I & Unit II


Gross Generation (MUs) – Unit I & Unit II


Auxiliary Consumption (%)


Net Generation (MUs)- Overall


Station Heat Rate (kCal/kWh)


Gross Calorific Value of Coal (kCal/kg)


Specific Oil Consumption (ml/kWh)


Transit Loss (%)


Total Coal Consumption (MT)


Cost of Coal (Rs/MT)


Total Cost of Coal (Rs Cr)


Energy Charges (Rs/kWh)



Table 4 :Cost of Secondary Fuel Oil for FY 2014-15

FY 2014-15

Normative Gross Generation (MU)


Secondary Fuel Oil Consumption (ml/kWh) 1.49
GCV of oil (kcal/L) 9359
Cost of oil (Rs/kL) 61134
Oil Consumption (KL) 3546
Total Cost of Oil (Rs Cr.) 21.68

The Petitioner has preyed to the Commission to consider same financial parameters (all fixed costs, except cost of secondary fuel oil) that was submitted in MYT Petition as revised estimates for FY 2014-15.

Comments/Suggestions from Stakeholders

  1. Commission has directed Tenughat Vidyut Nigam Limited to invite comments/suggestions from the public on the above Petition through this Notice. Suggestions/comments may be sent to TVNL by 21.03.2016 along with this copy to the Secretary, Jharkhand State Electricity Regulatory Commission.

  2. Copies of the ARR Petition can be obtained on written request from the offices of Tenughat Vidyut Nigam Limited as mentioned below or down loaded from the website of TVNL Viz: www.tvnlonline.com


    Tenughat Vidyut Nigam Limited

    Hinoo, Doranda, Ranchi

    Jharkhand-834 002

    Email: shritvnl@rediffmail.com

  3.  Every person who intends to file objections and comments/suggestions can submit the same in English or in Hindi, and should carry the full name, postal address and e-mail address, if any, of the sender. It should be indicated whether the objection is being filed on behalf of any organization, consumer or consumer group. It is to be noted that if the sender wants to be heard in person, in which case opportunity would be given by the Commission at the Public Hearing, for which date and place shall be announced by the Commission separately.

  4. TVNL shall reply to each of the objections and objections/ comments/ suggestions received within seven days of the receipt of the same but not later than 14.03.2016 for all the objections/ comments/ suggestions received till 14.03.2016. Stakeholders can submit their rejoinders on replies provided by Inland Power Limited either during public hearing or latest by 14.03.2016.





(S. R. Singh)


Electrical Executive Engineer, TVNL

Memo No- 2173/15-16

Dated- 17/02/2016


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