Tenughat Vidyut Nigam Limited

A govt. of jharkhand undertaking


The coal Industry is a major pollutant and TTPS play a major role in polluting the environment. Keeping in view the hazards to health the TTPS employees, all measures related to stringent pollution control.

It reuses / recycles the effluent to conserve land and water. There are units where emission and discharge were out of proportion and not conforming to the norms set for pollution control, the following measures have been undertaken:


The TTPS contributes not only to the improvement of power sector but also the environment of the surroundings. The Afforestation activities undertake by the company and the resultant landscape features are a mirror that shows its keenness and concern towards the upkeep of the environment.

The measures also helping maintaining natural climatic conditions that lead to the adaptability of species is their natural habitat.

Environment and its Effects

As Infosys is, to IT sector, TTPS to the power sectors. Both are driven by their absolute commitment to their field of activities. The TTPS is committed to the efficient utilization of resources. Leading to minimize of waste, providing a green belt around the plant.

Keeping strict vigil on the environmental compliance. Measures have been the constant concern of TTPS.

For this it carries out a periodical assessment of its project, that includes the survey of area, the sources of water and air, along with social and economic level of the people living in that area.

Global Compact

Globalization has a far –reaching effect on the countries and businesses around the world. But its benefits have spread in a haphazard manner, considering the geo-political situation of a particular country

The roles are justified and tend to promote equal valid social objective in the global market. The globalization aims at redefining strategies and course of action, so that all people can share the benefits.

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